Baby Z at Eight Months

Last Aug 3, he turned eight months and we really are eager to see that milk teeth pop out on his gums but its only his gums that is visible up to now. Perhaps, the milk tooth is ashamed to come out since a lot of peeps are waiting for him to shine.

Meanwhile, as he turns eight, he is now more aggressive and already knows how to play peek a boo with mommy and her titas. He knows how to run when someone is chasing him. As he gets aggressive in his daily activity, his demand for food increased. Though I still give him the same amount of milk, but in between milk, he’s got his cerelac and marie time. Good thing that he is now into cerelac, though I still serve him his first fave, the Gerber. His crawling has also improved; he can now crawl and slightly push his body upwards through his knees and arms.

I didn’t cook for this occasion. I just bought a petite cake for him. But before the day ends, my inlaws, came. My mother inlaw came late afternoon and brought something for meryenda (snack). And later, just before dinner, my sister inlaw came and brought food for our diner. Yummy roasted chicken and pork! Thanks a lot!

It’s not really a big occasion to celebrate, but we make sure that we will buy him a piece of cake as he celebrates his birthmonthsary. I don’t know why but I just love to have cake for our lil ones birthmonthsary. So until he reaches one year old, there will be more cakes to go. Happy Eight months cute baby Z!

4 thoughts on “Baby Z at Eight Months

  1. Ang cute ni Baby Z! Happy 8th month, Z! Bev, sali ulit mga cute and colorful antics ni Z sa meme ng Colorful Weekend! Meme is up on my blog na. 😀

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