Early Reading for your Baby

We don’t have to wait till our baby goes to school to teach him how to read. The best and easiest time to teach our babies to read is during infant and toddler years. At this stage, thousand of synapses are created in our infant’s brain which allows our child to learn the spoken and written words simultaneously.

At ten months, I’m starting to expose my child to reading. This might be too early but to others this might be a little late. Anyways, I started buying alphabet and number books when he was eight months and continuously exposing teaching him the alphabet and numbers but he doesn’t show interest over it. A friend recommended “your baby can read” cd which is ideal to infants as early as four months. I get interested and gladly we were able to buy starter copy for our little one. Upon research, I found out that the CD is an award winning, multi-sensory early language development system. According to Robert Titzer, the developer of “your baby can read” the current practice of starting to teach reading in school is too late. When children develop reading skills during their natural window of opportunity, from about birth to age four, they read better and are more likely to enjoy it. He is right, for me, gone are the days of old passion ways of teaching your child to read. Today’s advancement of technology says it all.


It’s great that he is paying attention and really shows interest. Looks like he is entertained. We really hope he can read at an early age.

What can you get from the CD?

It comes in 5 CD. The Starter Video, Volume 1 to 3 and review CD. It is recommended that you let your baby watch the CD once or twice a day. Start with the starter video for 1 month. Then volume 1 for 2 months, volume 2 for 2 months, volume 3 for 1 month and review for 1 month. This is fun and interactive way of learning for your baby that he will surely enjoy.

Reasons why teaching your baby early reading is beneficial:

1. Reading is an important skill
2. Easier to learn
3. Helps children in other development
4. Baby brain develops faster
5. Possible more efficient
6. Helps eliminates problem
7. Early readers stay ahead

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