Bug Proofing your Baby

Insect bites are a common dilemma for first time moms like me. Mosquitoes, ants, and ticks may cause slight swelling and itching. It’s sad that our little one reacts badly to insect bites. He gets severe swelling on the infected area. The swelling last for three up to five days depends on the severity of swelling. I was able to ask his paediatrician a prescription for insect bites, and good thing it is effective.

Apart from the prescription, I always carry insects repellent when we go outside the house and even spray repellent while inside the house. That’s my way of getting rid those bites. There are more ways on getting rid those insect bites.

Bug proofing your baby

  1. Avoid insects places den like, flower garden, stagnant water and open garbage bin.
  2.  When going out say to the park, dressed you baby with light clothing that covers almost all the skin and wear sock or shoes.
  3. Use mosquito net on your baby stroller or play pen.
  4. Use mild and safe bug repellent.
  5. Avoid using scented soap and lotion.

When to Worry
Slight swelling and itching are normal reactions to insect bites. But there are things you need to watch out that might be an indication of a severe allergic reaction.

  1. Vomiting as this can lead to dehydration and breathing problem.
  2. Increase of heartbeat.
  3. Rashes on other part of his body apart from the infected ones.
  4. Swelling on the lips.

If your baby encounters the above mentioned symptoms, don’t panic and try to keep your baby calm and bring him immediately to the hospital for medication.

Once infected area heals, next thing to do is to get rid of the scars. I’m sure most moms want a flaw less skin for their child. There are varieties of scar remover in the market, but for babies, it is better to consult your paediatrician for mild and safe scar removers.

One thought on “Bug Proofing your Baby

  1. true, that was my worry also. luckily, i’ve found creams and oil that are safe for babies (Burt’s Bees, Oleia and giga bug spray) and i think with all the vitamins and soaps I’ve been using for Rem, her skin has already improved, not as sensitive as when she was still an infant…doing my rounds, love it here:)

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