OMG! I’ll be having that “Bump” again!

We have not planned this, that’s why I was not happy when I found out that we are having our second baby. I am not yet ready emotionally and perhaps we are not yet ready financially plus our eldest is only 10 months old. Despite the worries I had laid to my husband, he was happy about the news and he was determine that together we can face the new responsibility and that there is nothing to get worried about. But it took me a few days to finally embrace the good news and thank God for this new blessing! Encouragement from good friends and family helped me a lot to have the courage I have right now. I released my worries, and entrusted it to HIM for He has better plans for me, than I have.

And so realised that I shouldn’t be sad about this, instead, I should be thankful. I know it’s a big responsibility to be a mom for the second time plus the adjustment that I need to make since I’ll be going through this second pregnancy without my husband; my eldest and I will be going home for good while hubby will continue working in KL. It’s really sad, but that is the real scenario and will be happening very soon. It made me weak, which made me run to “HIM” for comfort. What consoled me is HIS assurance that he will not give us something that I and my husband could not bear.

During those down moment, hubby encouraged me to blog about this but I just don’t have the guts to write. Thankfully, here I am, smiling while writing and ready to have that “Bump” again in a few months. Our little one will be a big brother soon. I just hope and pray that this second pregnancy will not be difficult, just like my first pregnancy. We hope and claim that it will be a bouncing baby girl!

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