I wish to have a Home Theater Speaker this Christmas

My father was not a musician but he has a fondness for speakers. I remember he has bought a Pioneer and Bose speakers for our home when I was still a kid. I still don’t know how to appreciate the sound performance at that time and I didn’t appreciate those big speakers at home.

Now that I grow up with fondness of singing videoke or karaoke although not too keen with speakers, I would like to have a home theater speaker with best 5.1 surround sound system for a high quality sound performance. This might help enhance my voice when singing. Just kidding.

I hope Santa is reading this post coz I really wish I could have them this Christmas. I’m sure my little one will also enjoy it since he has been showing us his interest in music. This will definitely bring a quality family bonding especially this coming holiday seasons. My Christmas will be merrier with a home theater speaker installed at home.

12 thoughts on “I wish to have a Home Theater Speaker this Christmas

    1. yah right, good if you have your own home na before getting an expensive home theater….we are slowly furnishing our new home…

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