Walk with Faith Little One

Congratulation on your new milestone baby Z! I think this is it, after so many tries he can finally walk by himself. He’s been standing against the couch or any furniture as early as eight months. Though I was not successful on making him walk before he turns one year old, at least on his 12 months and 10 days he learned to walk. Yey! This is a major move towards his independence and perhaps the start of chasing him wherever his feet lead him. He also discovered the stairs and very much interested in going up and down.

According to our pediatrician, the average age a baby can walk is at 14 months. So don’t be in a hurry, let your child take his time. Eventually he will learn to stand alone, learn to squat down and stand back again and perhaps might start learning to walk backwards. And at 15th month, he will be good enough in walking.

When your baby start’s to walk, remember to guide him as he masters his new skills. Make sure he has a safe and soft environment and if possible childproof your home. Remember that going barefoot will help him improve his balancing and coordination skills.
Happy walking baby!

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