How to Wean your Baby from Pacifier

Pacifier soothes my baby whenever he is fussy and he can sleep easily with his binky on. One benefit from using pacifier is it reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). But too much use of pacifier can lead to middle ear infection.

The little one has been attached with his binky and now that he turned 1 year old, I planning to slowly wean him from pacifier. Being a first time mom, I am totally blank on how to start it. So I made a research and I would like to share it here for the benefit of first time moms like me.

  1. Make it taste unpleasant. This perfectly works in weaning your baby from pacifier as they would definitely refuse anything that taste unpleasant.
  2. Take it away early. If you let him attached with his binky for a long time, eventually it will become his bestfriend.
  3. Give it to Binky fairy. Give it away or trade it with something. Binky fairy is the cousin of tooth fairy who might help your child leave pacifier.
  4. Lose it. Lose the pacifier purposely and when he looks for it tell him it’s gone.
  5. Simply say No. Be firm with your decision. It’s okay to let him cry over it. Then he will get use to it, and gradually he will forget his binky.

 Hopefully the above tips will help me successfully wean my son from pacifier as early as possible.

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