Should I stop lifting my toddler while pregnant?

Watching the little one grow up day by day is fun. Nothing beats the happiness that he brought to our home. I’m loving the motherhood experience, in fact I will be a mom for the second time. I am currently 20 weeks pregnant to our second prince.

This second pregnancy is a lot different from my first. It made it more different having a toddler while pregnant. Though we have a maid who looks after him, I still take time to take care of him, joining him in his play and sleep time and even his bath time. One thing that I find hard right now is when he asks me to lift him for a cuddle. At this point, I feel uncomfortable lifting him but it is sometime inevitable.

Should I stop lifting my toddler at this stage of my pregnancy? Sometimes I experience back pain and discomfort on my lower abdomen while carrying him. According to my pregnancy daily guide book by Dr. Maggie Blott, lifting my toddler will not harm the baby inside my womb however this may cause discomfort to me as my ligaments soften due to hormonal change. This means that pregnant women are more likely prone to injury as our joints are less stable than usual.

The best thing to do is to encourage the toddler to sit down on your lap for a cuddle instead of lifting him. If you can’t avoid lifting him, try lifting him from the floor level with a squat position and use your leg to bear the weight. Remember to avoid bending as this may strain our back. Also, take extra care as you are prone to imbalance every time you lift him.




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