The Search for Proper Lighting

We have move in to our new house few months ago even if it’s not yet fully furnished due to lack of budget. But once we have the budget ready, I am sure we will be able to buy all the stuff that we need in the new house. Meanwhile, I have yet to figure out the proper lighting for our living and dining areas. As of the moment we are only using a tubular fluorescent bulb for those areas. And to enhance the ambiance and design of the areas, perhaps a modern chandelier will look best in our living area and pendant lighting will suit our dining area. What do you think?

I still need to sit down and draft the design or at least browse the net for the latest and modern lighting design from different sites. Also, I’m gonna visit framburg lighting and thomas lighting which was recommended by a friend who just complete a residential project last year. I hope it will help me choose the right lighting for our crib.

I am currently pre-occupied with some things, but I am hoping to accomplish this matter before February comes. Crossing my fingers. So help me God!




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