Baby Z’s First Sunday School Experience


We came late for the church service this afternoon so we were left standing along with other members who came late. Since the little one was with us, the usher told us to bring him at the kids section for a Sunday school. Glad there is a room for toddlers (0-3 years old). My sister took care of baby Z while he attends Sunday school for the first time, and I went to hear the preaching at the big hall.

After the service, I asked my sister how’s the little one doing during Sunday school. According to her, he is a little shy at first. He was conscious with the crowd and was always clinging to her. But as the school moves on, he became at ease with his fellow toddlers. He starts to dance while the teacher and the older ones is singing and finally started to voice out by making noise. He even stood up in the middle of the circle and gave his mates a stare.

Here are snaps from his first Sunday school experience. We will definitely make it a point to send him to Sunday school every Sunday.





4 thoughts on “Baby Z’s First Sunday School Experience

  1. I miss cute little Zoe! And I miss teaching Sunday School as well. Hopefully, we’ll be able to go back to attending Sunday fellowship again. 😀

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