Dutchmill Yoghurt Drink a Nutritious Drink for your Kids

Dutchmill in our Fridge

Aside from his daily dose of milk, I was looking for a healthy drink that I could offer my one year old son. Something that will be a good partner with his favorite biscuit and sandwich snack.  I opted not to introduce him to chocolate drinks as it has tons of sugar. As I bond with fellow mom bloggers, somebody recommends the Dutchmill Yoghurt Drink. I tried looking for this drink at the supermarket and I was glad I found it.

I started serving my toddler one small pack (90ml) of dutchmill a day. It seems that he likes the yoghurt milk the first time he got to taste it. I continued serving him with one small serving a day until it became his afternoon habit plus his favorite sandwich. Eventually Dutchmill Yoghurt Drink became his favorite drink. If he gets to see it in the shopping bag once I arrive from the supermarket, he will immediately pick it up and will ask somebody to open it for him and will wait and jump for excitement until its open.

Being a yoghurt drink, I know I am giving my son a healthy drink. Dutchmill is a nutritious drink from fresh cow’s milk and it is no doubt that it is rich in calcium. It is cultured with lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus. Moreover it is cholesterol free, rich in calcium, iron and protein.

This healthy drink comes in different delicious flavor such as strawberry, orange, blueberry and mixed fruits. I was a bit curious since the little one loves the taste and so I tried to taste it. It was not too sweet and was creamy and milky and the yoghurt taste was subdued by the fruit flavor. No wonder my kiddo loves it. Dutchmill is a product of Thailand and imported in the Philippines by Monde Nissin Corporation. Though it’s an imported product, it is still affordable at PhP 8.00 ($.20) per pack (90ml).

Now the little one can finish 180ml of Duchmill and he loves whatever flavor we serve him.

11 thoughts on “Dutchmill Yoghurt Drink a Nutritious Drink for your Kids

  1. This is my son Ivan’s favorite “baon” in school along with a cheese cupcake, everyday “walang sawa”. Learned this drink while we’re living in Brunei. I am just glad its also available here in the Philippines. I can always satisfy my son’s cravings.

  2. My mom bought a bunch of yogurt drink for my cute baby brothers at goods.ph a month ago, they used it as their “baon” when they’re going to school. My mom believes that childhood obesity is a major factor in high blood pressure and high cholesterol later in life. That’s why she fed my bros yogurt to maintain a healthy, filling diet that can help kids eat less, weigh less and feel better. Thank you for this post!

  3. My baby also loves this yogurt drink.. And he drinks 3 packs daily. I would just want to ask. Is it okay for him to take that much everyday?

  4. My son drink 5 packs a day. Is this bad? He is lean too because of this and had less appetite is this because of this drink?

  5. Dutch milk is My 19months baby favorite specially strawberry and orange flavor..everytime we go out i have it always on my bag 2-3pack.. In times of her tantrums dutchmilk was my “panuyo o pangsuhol” with graham and its effective 🙂 she loves it. After drinking she smile and had a good mode..

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