Things to Consider before Booking a Wedding Venue

One of the crucial things to look into account in preparing a wedding is the wedding venue. This should be the first in your list. We didn’t hire a wedding coordinator when husband and I tied the knot. That is why on top of our busy schedule at work we allotted a time for our wedding preparation and based on our experience, finding the right venue for our wedding was the hardest part.

If you want to save money and opted to plan your own wedding here are some tips (based on my personal experience) that might help you in choosing your wedding venue.

  • Most couple looks for a nice and seemly wedding venue. Before you start searching, make sure that you have set a budget for your venue, so you can have your possible choices within in your budget and have them shortlisted later on.
  • Wedding locations is the next in the list. Unless you are having both ceremony and reception in one location, it is important to consider the proximity of the ceremony and reception venues. Know the traffic situation and the distance of the venues to avoid delays.
  • The venue capacity is another important aspect you should consider in choosing a venue. First, determine the number of guests; from there you’ll decide the size of venue to choose.
  • Another thing to watch out is the venue facilities. venue should have a public restrooms, should be handicapped friendly and should have ample parking for your guests.
  • Venue restrictions. Some venues impose restrictions and it is important that you should know those restrictions before booking the venue. Some restrictions might negatively affect your wedding plans so don’t forget to ask for it before booking.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to personally visit the venue. Schedule an ocular with your partner and ask for feedback from people who are familiar with your target venue.

To ensure a stress-free preparation, I suggest you plan ahead, do them as early as possible especially if you don’t have ample time. Do enjoy your hands on preparation and be ready enough for the big day!





10 thoughts on “Things to Consider before Booking a Wedding Venue

  1. planning a wedding is really stressful, as far as i can remember, we booked our wedding venue, 14mos before the wedding date just to be sure. =)

  2. that is quite a list you got there. another thing to consider is the weather. i recently held an outdoor birthday party for my daughter and the weather was very unpredictable throughout the day that we got so stressed moving everything around. it sometimes pays to hold the event indoors so that even when it rains, the show must go on.

  3. I got married almost 19 years ago, that time I have no choice since we are teenage marriage, so our parents called the shot – from the venue, grandparents selection et al.

    If ever that we will be renewing our vows your tip will really be helpful…

  4. Great tip. I guess the soon to be bride should read this. I will help them plan a fantastic wedding that is suitable for their needs and budget of course.

  5. I agree! Another factors to consider in choosing a venue for your wedding are the month/date of your wedding and the weather. Indoors for winter/rainy season and outdoors would be perfect for spring/summer time.

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