Jessica Sanchez Stays on American Idol

It was “crazy” according to Jennifer Lopez as they (the judges, Randy Jackson & Steven Styler) blitz the American Idol stage. It was not only the judges who were shocked by the voting result of last night’s American Idol elimination but also the entire studio audience. After her top performance, Jessica Sanchez got the lowest votes among the bottom three thus eliminating her from the contest. But the judges activated their “one save” power to let Jessica Sanchez remain in the contest hence the supposedly top 6 is still top 7 as of this moment. According to Randy Jackson, Jessica is one of the best singer in America, he even pleaded to the entire America to vote for the best. Does this mean there are flaws with the way Americans choose which Idol they want to save? Or perhaps this is a call to Idol’s production to not just use “America’s votes” as basis in choosing new American Idol. It was an incredible and perhaps unforgettable scene that ever happened at the Idol’s stage.

Jessica Sanchez is the youngest and one of the top performer in the eleventh season of the No. 1 US TV singing contest. Born to Mexican Father and a Filipina mother, Jessica a recipient of full scholarship training at the Theatre Arts in Hollywood started her singing career when she was 11 years old where she competed in the first season of America’s Got Talent.

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