Jessica Sanchez’s Dance with My Father Performance

Although her Bohemian Rhapsody performance did not impressed much the American Idol Judges, she was able to impressed the three judges with her second performance “Dance with My Father” originally sung by Luther Vandross.

It was Jessica’s ability to connect the emotions to her audience that won over the heart of Jenifer Lopez. According to Lopez, it was the beautiful version she ever heard. Steven Tyler on the other hand compared the performance to that of late Whitney Houston while Randy Jackson was amazed with Sanchez’s talent noting Sanchez’s performance as flawless “Now you’re making that connection. Every time you get up and sing, you know what’s wrong with it? Absolutely nothing!

The American Idol Top 6 performer will soon become Top 5 as they will face elimination on Thursday. So vote for your favourite Idol. As for me, I will definitely vote for Jessica Sanchez!

2 thoughts on “Jessica Sanchez’s Dance with My Father Performance

  1. Ah yes, I watched that in ETC. I have the same opinions. I’m not impressed with her Bohemian Rhapsody (especially when the three singing heads of Jessica flashed on the background!), but her “Dance with My Father” rendition is really good. I hope she will win the whole contest.

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