A Priceless Reward Being A Mom!

While everyone is celebrating Mother’s Day, we had to bring baby Z to the paediatrician early this morning due to high fever. The fever that keeps on coming back bothers me and I’ve been nursing the little one for two days now. Perhaps it’s because of the sore eyes which he also has right now. Good thing he remains energetic despite his sickness.

The little one is having roseola a mild illness cause by a virus called human herpesvirus 6 which is common to children 6 to 24 months of age. The doctor requested for a CBC test and while waiting for the CBC result the little one and his titas (aunties) went for a stroll while I stayed at the clinic utilizing the free wifi. After 30 minutes of strolling, the little one and the titas returned and while approaching me, the tot handed me a bouquet of balloons. Aww! How sweet of you little one!


That’s the first present I got this Mother’s Day and the first ever gift from my son! What a gratifying feeling seeing the little one with that cute present! Small things like this make motherhood undeniably priceless and fulfilling!

Thank you baby and Tita Aina, (my sister) I knew it was your idea, I really appreciate it! Happy Mother’s Day to all Mommies out there!

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