Disappointed with Goldilocks Delivery Service

Yesterday baby Zian turned 1 month old. In celebration, I prepared some food for “merienda” and invited my cousins over as well as our aunt who’s in town for a one month vacation from Italy.

I was suppose to ask my sister to go out and buy a cake for the little one, but since she was also busy helping me prepare the food she suggested to order via Goldilocks delivery hotline instead. So I dialled 888-1-999 and placed my order at around 3:00 pm, one round size black forest cake and a crema de fruta.  Delivery time was 45 minutes to one hour as informed by the agent.

Just before our visitors arrived and while waiting for our order, we have arranged the table. Few minutes later, the visitors arrived. I checked the time and it’s been an hour and a forty five minutes  since I placed my order so I decided to follow up. After little verification by the agent, it looks like my order was not recorded in their system. I was even asked by the agent if I am sure I have placed an order at their delivery hotline, I answered I would have not called for follow up if I have not placed my order. Then he put me on hold once again to check for my order. I was losing my patience as I had a strong feeling something went wrong with my order.

After waiting for an hour and a half, with our visitors on the house waiting for the food, I found out that my order was actually not recorded in their system. I asked them how that could happen. But instead of explaining the agent went apologizing and told me he will prioritize my order and if possible delivery will be made within 20 to 30 minutes.It was my first time to place an order at Golilocks delivery hotline and it turned out to be disappointing.  I would have not bothered about it but I have visitors who are waiting plus I have been waiting for almost two hours. Although disappointed, I don’t have a choice but to keep my order and wait for it to be delivered since cancelling it would not do me any good as I don’t have someone I can send for errand. And to be fair, they did deliver my order within 20 minutes.

I am not writing this to discredit Goldilocks delivery. It’s our favourite bakeshop in fact their cakes are a must have during special celebrations with family. I just thought that such incident should not be neglected in order to avoid inconvenience to other customers. Also their call center agents should diligently do their job. I should be addressing this to the agent who received my call and took my order. I remember asking for “his” name but unfortunately I can’t recall the exact name.

I do hope this incident would not happen again, and I hope Goldilocks delivery service would improve so there would be more happy customers.

3 thoughts on “Disappointed with Goldilocks Delivery Service

  1. How did that happen? And 45 minutes delivery time, grabe ah! Ang lapit lang ng Goldilocks diyan. Hay, super fail Goldilocks! Kaya kapag ganyang occasion talaga Red Ribbon kami unless wala ng time to go to their store. Goldilocks is nearer kasi.

    1. I didn’t know how it happened. Siguro absent minded ung agent na kumuha ng order ko. If only we have Red ribbon delivery hotline, I could have cancelled my order.

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