The “Mommy-Plumber” and Faucet Repair

With a tot and a month old baby left under my care plus some house chores, everyday is really a bustling day at home. After attending with my children needs, I have to see to it the house is clean; Fix the bed, organize the closet, do the laundry, clean the living room, dining, kitchen and the toilet. Waaah! But actually I couldn’t do all those things so I have to thank our reliable house help for covering the house chores (but not all chores).

Being a busy mom it helps that everything in the house works properly. If there’s anything defective or inefficient it gives me a headache just like what happened to our faucet lately. A Part of it was damage which causes drips leaving us a lot of wasted water. Being an all female family, (the husband works overseas) I had to use my wit and tweaking skills and try doing the faucet repair by myself before calling a plumber. I had to replace the faucet washer which I haven’t done before. Thanks to Mr. Google for helping me out. He brought me to a DIY website which became my guide in fixing the dripping faucet. It wasn’t that easy doing this job alone, it took me almost six hours to successfully finish the job. It was like a puzzle, I had to analyze and understand every part of the faucet. Having the guide helped me a lot plus the right tools made the work easier, thanks to hubby’s tool box!

DIY works for me, no more drips plus no money spent for the plumber. This is not the first time I tried fixing a plumbing related problem. I remember fixing our water closet flush and shower valve. These made me call myself a “mommy-plumber” aside from being a super mom. Or perhaps  it’s a part of being a super mom.

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7 thoughts on “The “Mommy-Plumber” and Faucet Repair

  1. Wow, great job sis! We haven’t tried DIY-ing faucets yet. The other day we had a plumber in the house fixing our sink in the kitchen.. ^^

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