Holiday Hankers

While most people had hibernate from their work and in a long vacation mode, I am so engaged with my tots that there is no time for a vacation. As usual I am in the state of being a super mom. Well, maybe not exactly super mom as I still have a chance to write and sneak through the online world.

Times like this makes me nostalgic; how I wish I could travel again anytime I wanted, but with babies in tow, I feel that it’s not yet the right time to travel. So while travel is not feasible at this moment, I would occasionally sneak for a short period to have a quality “me time”. A pampering foot spa or body massage will make my day and so far my way of releasing stress and be refreshed again. Sometimes, if budget is uneasy, I just pick a bible verse or quotes about trust or faith to energize my mind, soul and spirit.That’s a preview of a wonder mom of two.

Indeed, motherhood is a woman’s highest calling. It’s a tough job in which you grow richer and deeper. Happy long weekend everyone!

One thought on “Holiday Hankers

  1. Motherhood is one of the reasons why I travel right now. I want to be fully and wholeheartedly prepared to be a mother. That’s why I travel to places right now because I might not be able to do it freely when I have babies. The next time I could travel again may be when my children finishes school

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