How to Maintain A Good Relationship with Your Maid

Do you know that nerve racking feeling when you welcome a stranger to your household and entrust her you’re supposed housekeeping task? That was I felt when I our “yayabel” came.

Recently our long time house help left and so we have to hire new one. With two babies in tow, I can’t face the household chores by myself so I really need a house help. We had a fairly good relationship with our old house help, and I am again trying to build the same with the new one.

House maids deserve respect and should be treated well. Remember their role is to help you with the household chores, they are not slaves.

Below are tips on how to build and maintain a harmonious relationship with your housemaid.

Take time to talk. Keep the communication line open between you and your maid. It’s not just about discussing their shortcomings. Casual conversation and interaction in will make her feel comfortable and will make her feel more welcome in your household. She would definitely appreciate your effort of reaching out.

Consider Incentives. Increasing their wage is definitely a good thing while giving them rewards or incentive for a job well done or on occasions like Birthday and Christmas. This will also encourage them to continue their excellence in their job.

A helping hand. Although they might be hesitant to ask for their employer’s help during hard times, offer your help and encourage her in a sincere way.

Treat them well. Needless to say, maids should be treated well. Treat them greatly and they will show themselves great. That way, you are giving her reasons to stay and improve her service.

A good relationship with your maid does matter. Remember, we are entrusting them our valuables.






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