Rest Like a Queen in a Tempurpedic Bed

Home is where my heart is. That is why I was in a whisk to go home yesterday after that tiring event at a friend’s place. I was a bit exhausted as I was not feeling well in the first place. I had migraine before I left and back pain on my lower back strikes me again. In the midst of a physical turmoil, seeing something beautiful as my kids as soon as I get home relieves the pain. So after kissing my tots who were in a deep sleep, I immediately plunge myself into the bed giving my back that much needed rest. With much thought of the bed, how I wish we have a luxe bed from tempurpedic for a more relaxing and comfortable rest.

That day was like an ordinary bustling day for me at home, with a toddler and a baby in tow plus house chores waiting to be done. No wonder at the end of the day, I am in a dog-tired state, coping with lower back pain and some muscle and joint strain. It can be terrible sometimes so before I lay my back flat on the bed and transport myself into the dreamland, I use to treat my back with a relaxing stretch.

Back stretch or back exercise alleviates back pain and if you do it more often even without back pain it will prevent future pains. It’s one coping strategies I used to do whenever back pain mix in my day to day activities. Another thing that works for me is stretching my calves. I used to do this when I was pregnant to relieve lower back pain. Here’s how I do it; standing about one foot from the wall while my palm is on the wall at shoulder level and then slowly leaning forward for the stretch. While it stretches my calves, I also love that it stretches my lower back. Up until now, I use to do this stretch especially when resting or lying down the bed is almost impossible. That is so far a quickie back pain relief.

Stretching plus resting is the best combination in terms of alleviating back pain. So while I stretch a lot, I would also want to rest like a queen in a tempurpedic bed. As mentioned earlier, I really wish we have something like a luxe bed at home for an incomparable comfort.

This is a sponsored post for Healthy Back, however, all the points and views are my own.

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