Born Gifted: How to buy for a child on a budget at Christmas

While Christmas is usually a time of unrelenting joy and excitement, the current economic climate is causing significant concern among parents nationwide. With unemployment high and job creation at a minimum, many are unable to work and support their families in the manner that they would like to. Subsequently, the average level of disposable income in the UK has fallen considerably in the last 12 months, with the result that households are facing up to the prospect of a bleak and restrictive festive period.

Buying for your Child on a Budget: Three Tips for a Prosperous Christmas

With this in mind, it is important that parents strike the right balance between buying for their child and staying within the boundaries of their budget. Consider the following:

  • Embrace the Concept of Thrift Buying: Thrift buying has emerged as an extremely popular concept over the last two years, with the U.S. Market alone growing by 7% during this time. While the expansion of the UK market has been slower, the continued development of online resources such as Ebay have provided consumers with access to second hand and affordable goods that remain high in quality. The procurement of used products can be a source of significant financial savings, while you do not necessarily need to compromise on the quality of your purchases.
  • Get Online and Visit Swap Shops: Similarly, consumers in 2012 have the option to swap their used items online in exchange for potential gifts. Through this process, you can register as a user with a number of reputable sites and upload items that you would like to offload. Once this is done, fellow site members can contact you and offer goods in exchange for your listed products, so that you are able to acquire several potential gifts for your child without spending any money at all.
  • Seek Out Alternative but Suitable Gift Items: While children can be among the most demanding of consumers, you should strive to seek out alternative gift options that are more affordable. For example, if your infant requests the latest in a long line of games consoles this Christmas, then compromise by purchasing an older model that can be secured at a discounted price. Although it may not be exactly what your child asked for, it fulfils the same need and provides them access to an interactive gaming experience.

The Bottom Line

If you find yourself in need of affordable gift ideas this festive season, then you can rest assured that you are not alone given the prevailing macro environment. As long as you are able to think creatively and remain fully prepared to compromise on your goals, then it is possible to give your child the Christmas experience that they deserve without overwhelming your bank balance.

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10 thoughts on “Born Gifted: How to buy for a child on a budget at Christmas

  1. a child by nature will be very happy to receive many gifts especially during Christmas time, i usually buy things which they can use, either in school or at home, i usually buy gifts not too expensive yet of quality to extend my budget 🙂

  2. This post is something applicable all-year round (in my case). Teehee! I have so many friends with babies, and since I don’t have a kid yet, I get this urge to buy these babies some stuff whenever I go to the mall. At least, I now have an idea how to work within my budget. 🙂

  3. I’ve never tried swap shops. That seems like a workable idea for me; something new to learn. The thing is in the Philippines merchants, vendors, shops, malls raise their prices when they know consumers are desperate to buy. We buy things in advance, those that can be bought beforehand.

  4. Great tips especially at times like this. When it comes to toys, we always go for the affordable ones. My daughter is at the age where she explores new things, most likely she’ll end up not playing at those toys after a few months.

  5. Wow! These are great tips Momsicle though I’m hardly making my shopping list yet. I will take note of embracing the concept of thrift buying yet quality wise.

  6. Really very timely for the upcoming Holiday Season. I like the idea of the Swap Shop. We have many used items that are still in good condition but don’t have that know-how to sell it on Ebay. Swap shop is a nice alternative.

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