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Its  mid November and I really felt that Christmas is around the corner. I assume a lot of people are already having an early Christmas shopping to avoid the rush come December. I have yet to make a list of things to buy for Christmas. But before Christmas shopping, I’ll be throwing out a party this weekend for my birthday.

November is not only my birth month, I get to attend many birthday parties during November because many of my relatives and friends are celebrating their birthdays too. I guess November is the busiest month for me when it comes to attending parties. Two cousins celebrated their birthdays last week and for next week a cousin will be celebrating a major milestone as he turns 21. And that keeps me scouting for a nice gift for him. Buying gifts for someone is not an easy task especially if the recipient is a boy, I always run short of ideas and I end up with the usual gifts I use to give to boy friends like t-shirts, cap and belt to make it safe and to make sure that they will use it.


And just before I run out of ideas, I came across http://www.spencersonline.com/, surprisingly they offer lots of fun and unique gift ideas which that solve the knot. Spenceronline helps us pick the perfect birthday gifts for our friends and love ones. They’ve got lots of items to choose from that will suit different personalities.  Click here to find 21st Birthday ideas similar to the picture on the right.

So choosing the perfect gifts is easier now because Spencer is here to help us. They have even made shopping easier through their online shop and the good thing about it is they ship their products to 220 countries. So the next time you’re looking for gifts for your love ones, you know where to shop.

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  1. hey, just came across this post while looking for a present for my daughter. I haven’t heard of spencer’s before. Great input. Another good one I found is 21st birthday ideas . Maybe this is helpful for others too.


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