Why I Want a PT Before Hiring A Maid Again

Late 2012, I accepted a job offer from a small architecture firm in Pasig City. I then hired a baby sitter for our then seven months old son Zian. Three days after commencing work, the new baby sitter “V” came in. She was a close friend of our current house help so I was a bit at ease. She looks fine, petite but a bit thin for her built.

She started her job, taking care of our youngest. She was a single mom so she knows how to take care of our fragile second boy and that consoles’ me. Days pass and I noticed that she looks gloomy; perhaps she was missing her 1 year old son, that’s what we thought. Days went by and I noticed she has a big belly; perhaps her body has not yet back to its pre-pregnancy state, again that’s what we thought. She was still gloomy and would not talk if I will not pop up a conversation. For almost three weeks that she was on our roof, we thought that she was only feeling homesick that’s why she looks gloomy and a bit lazy. I think it was her gloomy and lazy face plus her bumping belly that gives my friend a thought that she was pregnant. I said no, she was not, but then she continued, or she might be sick or something. I didn’t take that seriously as I thought she was just homesick. Until something happened last Saturday.

Saturday morning, around 10am, my eldest Zoe and I were in the living area while my youngest was in the room with the two maids. Zoe wanted to get inside the room (where the 2 maids were in) as he wants to take some toys. My son knocks but both of them did not bother to open the door. I was a bit teed off and when I’m about to stand up to open the door, Angie opened and asked me to get inside the room.

There, I saw “V” kneeling on a towel overlaid on the floor, holding her belly and crying. I was a bit horrified and thought of she might have a serious illness. Then I heard Angie telling me that “V” was unaware that she was pregnant, the baby in her womb wants to come out and she just saw the baby’s hand coming out from V! Along with that shocking news, I was in a panic attack. I didn’t know what to do; I knocked on the toilet where my nurse sister was, (she was taking a shower) and when she saw what’s happening, she immediately told me to rush her to ER. My sons and I were left at home while the 3 of them, my sister, her boyfriend and Angie rushed V to the hospital.

At the hospital, they found out that she had an abortion attempt last September 2012 and all along she thought she was successful. There I started to get cheesed off. If she had an abortion attempt, there is no doubt that she knows she was pregnant. Okay, let us see you were deceived by your attempt and all along you believe that you got the innocent baby off your womb. But did you not feel him move inside your tummy four months after you tried to abort him? That made me believe that she was lying, she knows she was carrying a new soul – an innocent soul whom she deprived of a life. Nobody knows she was pregnant, even her family know nothing about it. She only kept it to herself. The baby boy was dead when it went out from her womb. According to the doctor it was around 23-26 weeks.

I may not know the exact reason why she committed abortion but I can’t help but hate her for doing such thing. And I was more exasperated when the doctor told my sister that she took “aspirin cortal” roughly 9 days before that incident happen. It irate me not knowing that she was committing abortion inside our premises. And more when I found out that she don’t want to tell me what was happening that day even up to the last minute; had not Angie informed me, I wouldn’t know what was going on. What scare me was the fact that she was on our roof and if something worst happened to her I’ll also be responsible for this crazy misconduct.

She is now recovering (somewhere). And while she’s away, I am having a second thought of welcoming her back. I am still upset with what she did, and all the more it upsets me seeing her without regrets. She doesn’t even bother to say sorry for the inconvenience she has brought. All these happen less than a month after we hired her. This made me think of conducting a pregnancy test (married or not) before hiring a maid again . Well, it may sound funny but let’s charge it to experience.


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