Why I Need A Weekly Meal Planner

Healthy food plays a major role in the growth and development of our toddlers. At this stage their body develops at a rapid pace that’s why giving them nutritious and healthy food is very important. Children in healthy eating habit improve their energy and concentration levels giving them more learning potential. They also have a lesser risk to serious health problems as they grow as well as in later life. And that is the very reason why we, moms should give importance on feeding our kids with healthy food.

Right now I am exposing my toddlers to nutritious food and as much as I could avoid serving junk or unhealthy food. However serving healthy meals is sometimes a challenge especially to someone who is noob in the kitchen like me. Sometimes I get frazzled as to what to serve them for lunch or dinner for the whole week. I need more recipes in my list and needs to be creative in serving them as they might be fed up if I keep on repeating recipes over and over again. A friend suggested that I should try to have a weekly planned meal and that I should get a weekly meal planner as it helps her a lot in prepping meals for her picky eaters tots and they get to gobble variety of nutritious foods.

Look like this is a good suggestion and ingenious idea. If planning meals can make my life easy I should definitely go for it. And so, I am grabbing my own meal planner with the hopes of more healthy and delicious recipes and stress free cooking.

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