Prepping for First Birthday!

Our youngest Zian will turn 1 on May 19 and it’ll definitely calls for a celebration. Although we are not throwing a grand celebration, I have already started planning for this momentous event and it’s gonna be a Mickey Mouse themed party. Why? It’s because it’s his favorite character as of the moment.

I have start scouting for suppliers last month and we will be having food tasting by next week with our possible caterer. Also I am gathering ideas for the invitation before I settle for the design. I’m a bit excited to do the invitation myself with the help of my humble photoshop skills of course. I am also planning to go for DIY giveaways and loot bags to save some┬ápenny.

I am torn between two cake suppliers. One we had tried during our eldest 2nd birthday and the other is thriving in the baking industry and they are a bit cheaper than the previous. Probably before the end of this month we will be able to decide for the cake supplier.

I debated with myself whether to get a professional party host until a friend volunteered. And that was something I cannot resist so she will definitely be our party host.

For now I am still scouting for more party favors and I hope for a great find.


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