Thinking of a Business

My father had been working abroad eversince I can remember. Now he’s pretty old already and have already retired. But since he had been used to having a job, he’s thinking of having something that he could be busy with. I suggested to start up a business and he’s thinking about it. I just thought that buying and selling of ATV’s and other sports utility vehicle would be nice. I’ve seen atv for sale in the city, and I noticed that these shops selling these doesn’t run out of customers. This has become a newest thing for guys, these days. He could start on that and could also eventually come up with hisun utv and 250cc motorcycle. Of course it will cost a lot of money that’s why we’re taking it a little while for him to be able to think and decide.

A lot of things have to be considered when putting up a business. One, is its location, where it should be, that it should have a good market. My only relief if ever this would push through is that, my father used to work in the middle east in a shop that sold the same boys’ stuffs. But, the best way to also start with this is to look for possible buyers initially and see how it would go. Word of mouth and referrals would be its cheapest way to get advertised. Well, this is just a lot to think about, and I do hope that whatever business my father would choose and approve of would be a success. We’re actually thinking also of having a franchise which would be in line with food biz. I guess, the more choices, the better.

How about you, do you have any suggestions on what better business would be a hit these days?

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