My Classical Side

I was digging a storage box last weekend when I suddenly found an old flute note. It then transported me to my teenage days; the time when I use to play a bamboo flute.

It started when I heard a childhood friend playing flute. She was really good. If she wasn’t, I bet she’ll never be an orchestra member who plays flute and occasionally plays slide whistle.

I wasn’t a fan of Mozart’s Magic Flute at that time, I don’t even heard it either, but I remember being amazed at the serenity of classical sound it makes. It did stir up my interest and eventually learned a few pieces as an amateur player. I then become a big fan of classical orchestra music particularly Globus and Immediate Music. I would be very happy to see them perform live.

One thought on “My Classical Side

  1. The whistle is one of two folk instruments (the other being the fiddle) that carry the melody for Shire music. For more evolved Shire music, Shore moved from whistle to flute.

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