Musical Toys

I have never exposed my boys to musical toys, most of their toys are either cars or trains that’s why when he saw a guitar toy from a friend he was so fascinated by the sound when he strums the string. When he saw the keyboards (my long hibernating keyboards) at his grandpa’s house, he was overjoyed pressing the keys and hearing its sound. And while watching Little Einstein yesterday, he approached me and told me he wants something like that (pointing to the piano shown in the TV).

Now that he has shown music appreciation, I guess it’s time to break the barrier. I guess I will be grabbing some musical instrument toys at ToysRus soon. Guitar, piano, mini drums were just few on my list. I still wonder if he will also be interested in┬átheremin

musical instrument


By exposing them to these toys, I hope they’ll grow up musically inclined. I hope they’ll be able to learn at least one of those instruments. I would be happy jamming with my boys in the future.

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