Morning Rush and Accident

I was about to alight from the tricycle to catch the UV express going to work, when it accidentally hit the tricycle in front of us. As I was preparing to alight, I hold on to a steel grab bar to which my face slammed. I was desisted for a while then suddenly felt pain in the upper part of my right cheek bones. I glance at the mirror then saw the minor cut in between my eyes and cheek and slightly feel vibration on my right head. I was bawling out at the driver for being so careless, but he bawled back so I just went ahead to catch the UV express.

I felt a slight pain at the right side of my head and on my cheek bone. I was still quivering and frazzled and undecided whether to go straight to a nearby clinic or head to the office. Thinking that it was a very minor injury I head and reached the office safely. As I engaged myself for the days’ task, the affected part started swelling. It doubles the size of my eye bag and the skin color changes to dark and becomes bigger and darker as the day pass.

 photo 1635994b-3937-4c14-8a00-81bf1acdecd7.jpg

It was my first time to be involve in a road accident. Though it was minor, it terrifies me. May I remind those who operates public transport and everyone who drives to please please be careful on the road to avoid horrible accidents. And this reminds me to always ask for His guidance wherever I go.

Be careful everyone!

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