Officially Back

Sorry for not updating this blog for sometime. I was really in a rowdy schedule the past week and had no time to update my blogs. It’s is only by this time that I get to check online work and hoping to get them done the soonest, officially I am back aboard!

Just got back from Sunday service and I was so so blessed. I thank God for the opportunity to worship Him and hear His message again. After a couple of months being in a hibernate mode with God, I have never felt so blessed worshiping Him, not after this Sunday’s Worship. I have decided to reconnect to the One who gave it all for me. I really miss Him soo much especially those time that I feel closest to Him! I am so blessed to finally regain my longing for Jesus and grow deeper in Him. It feels so good to be back, not just online but in one of the most important aspect in our life!

I hope you had a great and blessed Sunday!

One thought on “Officially Back

  1. But once a blogger always a blogger there may be several blogging hiatus moment but there will also be “I am back to blogging posts” every now and then. Ganyan din ako eh hehehhe I can totally relate

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