It’s a Pager

Have you ever wondered what is that piece in some restaurants that blinks and vibrates once your order is ready for pick? It was funny how I startled handling that little piece especially the time it vibrates. Sorry for the ignorance but I haven’t seen one until I went overseas. Alright, its called restaurant pager, exactly like the restaurant pagers from crown security products. It tells the customer that the order is ready for pick up at the counter so if you’ve been handed with a restaurant pager, don’t expect for the waiter to serve your food, when it blinks and vibrates, go and pick up your order.

I have seen a few restaurants here in Manila that is using this system. Perhaps it’s not yet a hype to business owners. This is much better than the conventional way as you do not have to wait longer for your order at the counter, or wait for your number to be called. With restaurant pagers, you can wait conveniently at your table until your order is ready.

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