Narrow Your Search Down before Looking for a New Car

The search for a new or previously owned vehicle at a GMC Woodbridge dealership can be a lot of fun. However, if you approach a sales rep before you are prepared, you might end up buying a car, truck, or SUV that you really don’t want and cannot afford. Following are three suggestions that can help you narrow down your search before you ever talk to a sales rep:

  • Evaluate your current circumstances.
  • Determine your monthly payment.
  • Browse a dealership before you are ready to buy.

Evaluate Your Current Circumstances

The following story is typical of individuals and families seeking to replace their current vehicle. A family’s van was totaled by one of their teenage children. The van had been perfect for their needs as a growing family. Immediately they started to look at options for a replacement van. After searching for several days, the mother looked at the father and asked the hard question, “Do we really need a van?” After some frank discussion, they realized that their family was shrinking and they didn’t need or want a van. Thus, they began searching for an economy car that would be suitable for their current needs.

Determine Your Monthly Payment

An important element in narrowing down your search is to determine how much money you want to pay each month in a car payment. Once you know this figure, you can use an online loan calculator to determine the upper limit that you can afford. When you start searching for a vehicle, avoid looking at those that are out of your price range. Moreover, once you reach the top-end of your desired loan amount, avoid the temptation to purchase extra features that will increase the total cost of the car.

Browse a Dealership

Visit a GMC Woodbridge dealership before you are ready to buy the car. Tell the sales rep right up front that you are not going to buy just yet but are doing some research for a new car. This will help cut down on the pressure of closing on a deal before you are ready. Then, spend some time looking at different vehicles. Look at the stickers, and pay attention to the figures they contain. Test-drive a few to get a feel for what you want. Take notes and compare them later.

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