Horrible Jollibee Delivery Experience

I am always looking forward to Saturdays, because it’s the only day that I get to spend my whole day with my boys. I super love it even if I am left without a maid. Taking care of my babies from the moment they open their eyes in the morning until they close it at night is just priceless for a working mom like me. Being maid less on a Saturday, sometimes I can’t cook healthy food for them, when this happens, I normally call McDonalds or Jollibee for an instant meal. Last satuday night, I ordered (via phone) at Jollibee since my eldest Zoe has been craving for spaghetti. I have placed my order at exactly 7:31 PM and According to them, they will deliver 30 minutes after that call, GUARANTEED!

As we wait for our order, I start to feel hungry, I supposed the boys were also hungry as it was already 8:00 PM. My order should be delivered by 8:01. Unfortunately, Jollibee failed to deliver within 30 minutes. At 8:11, that’s 10 minutes late, I called their hotline to follow up for my order. The agent that I talked to said she’ll check it. After holding on for a moment, she gets back and told me that my order has already been forwarded to the caterer’s store. I told them to please inform me if it’s going to be delivery or not because my kids were hungry na, then she answered, they will call me to confirm. Another 10 minutes passed, but my order hasn’t reached me. I called the hotline for the second time. Again, they told me that my order is at the assigned store already and they apologize for the delay. I told them, to just confirm if it’s coming or not so I can order from other fast food na lang. After checking again, she confirm that anytime my order will be delivered. So I still waited.

1 hour has passed and our order was still nowhere. I gave up. Good thing my sister has brought something from Burgoo and somehow suffice our hunger. After eating the pasta and grilled chicken, I tried to forget about this horrible experience with Jollibee but I was enraged by this experience, so I dial 8700 again but this time not to follow up for the order. I just want to know the name of the person who took my order, and was planning to raise the matter at the management of Jollibee. When the agent asked for my full name, she instantly knows that it was me on the other line. She immediately asked for apology as they’ve experienced technical problems. I told them, I followed up twice and you were not able to solve the so called technical problem? And there was no way according to her to find out who took my order. I also found out that it was Jollibee Amang Rodriguez that was assigned to cater my order. If you live in cainta-marikina area, you know how close Jollibee Amang Rodriguez (Ligaya to be exact) to our place which is just in front of LRT-Santolan Station. Horrible service!

Please please please JOLLIBEE don’t say it will be delivered when you don’t actually have plans on delivering the ordered food. I have followed up twice and if you were sincere it could have reached us even if it’s an hour or two late. And because you (Jollibee) let this happen, no more Jollibee delivery for us from now on. You just have given me a another reason to stick with MC Donalds!

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