Excited for Christmas!

Tomorrow will be Christmas Eve! I am so excited about it, do you wanna know why? Let me share my excitement, first, hubby will be home for Christmas. Yes he will be flying back home few hours before Christmas, I hope the 3 and a half flight from Kuala Lumpur to Manila will not be delayed if not, he will surely celebrate Christmas with fellow passengers and airline crews on air. Second, my father will be celebrating Christmas with us after almost 15 years. This for sure will be a memorable Christmas for me and my sister.

It’ll not be a grand celebration, I am only planning to cook simple recipe (oh I only knew a few). What matter’s for me is the presence of the men in my life – my husband and my dad. They both work overseas that’s why being home for Christmas is just a big big deal for me.

I wish you all a Jolly Christmas and a Brighter and Prosperous New 2014!



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