How to Maintain an Air Conditioning Unit

Maintaining your air conditioner is essential to helping it last longer. Failure to maintain an air conditioner will end up costing you a lot of money in repair costs, and possible replacement costs. Simple things can go a long way to properly maintain your AC unit. Use the following tips to maximize your air conditioning in Georgetown.

Change the Filter

Each month you must take the time to change the filter. Some air conditioners will have a filter that is washable, while others will require you to purchase a new filter. It is important to determine what type of filter your system requires to run properly so you can maintain your air conditioner. A new filter allows fresh air to circulate through the home, and it provides greater efficiency of the air conditioner. A dirty air filter will make the air conditioner work harder to push the air through the ducts. According to the Environment Protection Agency, replacing an air filter can improve the energy consumption by 5% to 15% or more.

Service Your System

Hire a professional to test your system each year. Having a technician come in the spring and again in the fall will allow you to know the state of your air conditioner. They can test for Freon leaks and other concerns. A cracked or broken coil can lead to problems, as can clogged drainage lines. Professionals will clean out the air conditioner and will make sure it is running at its maximum efficiency.

Clean the Coils and Fins

During the winter, some people fail to think about their air conditioner. Do you use a cover on your air conditioner? If you do not, you can leave your system vulnerable to a number of problems. Leaves and twigs can accumulate inside the air conditioner, which can cause problems for the fins. Dirt is another problem that can cause reduction in the overall efficiency of your air conditioner. Cleaning the coils will remove the excess dirt, making it easier for the evaporator and condenser coils to work effectively. Keeping the coil fins clean is another important thing to do when maintaining your air conditioning in Georgetown. Purchase a fin cone to help you correctly clean them, and remember to cover your unit in the winter to keep the dirt out.


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