Getting Ready for School

Time really does fly. Our eldest Zoe will be attending school this school year as nursery. He is not enthusiastic about it, as he keeps on telling us that he doesn’t like to go to school. But I guess he will soon be in to it.

He is officially enrolled, and yesterday, together with the soon school boy, we bought supplies that he’ll need in school. There was quite a long list and tagging along the little one on a rush school supply shopping was not a good idea at all. He fell asleep while shopping good thing I was able to grab a cart so he took a nap while leaning on my left shoulder and I push  him while I grab supplies with my right hand.
It was my first school supply shopping for my kids and like what most moms said, it was tiring especially if it’s kinda last minute shopping. It is always to be ahead where bookstore and department store are not jam-packed. Also if you are not a working mom, don’t dare to shop on weekend’s better do it on weekdays I’m sure it’s not as crowded as weekends. So, as I first time mom of preschooler, I learned my lesson.

I am getting excited for Zoe’s first day of school. I wonder how would he be at class, I hope there would be no separation anxiety for the little one.

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