Chinese 101

Our son Zoe is studying at a Chinese school. Our family has no trace of Chinese blood, it’s just that this school happened to be so close to our place maybe around 5-10 minutes walk. That’s the very reason why we chose to send him to that school.

Before enrolling, I thought of how am I gonna teach him about Chinese subject since I know nothing about Chinese language. I’ve asked friends whose kids are also going to Chinese schools and they’re common answers are “hindi ko sya tinuturuan. Ako ang tinuturuan nya.” Well, that’s true, that thing also happened to me. My son was teaching me how to count in Chinese and I don’t want that to happen always.

Well I don’t have to fret because with our technology today, you can find almost everything over the net you just have to be resourceful. Thank God is there to help me out. I’m glad there are lots of basic Chinese language tutorial available in youtube so my son and I has an online Chinese guru and we are learning together. This is so far the most accessible resource for us.

Currently he knew few Chinese words and recently been practicing to write Chinese character.

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  1. I also went to a Chinese school before because it was just in the same building where my father had his law office (it was just a small Chinese school then). We also had no Chinese blood. But I remember it was fun and in the process I gained very good Chinese friends back then in elementary, several of whom, I still keep in touch today. That’s really great that with technology, you and your son are learning together. I never had that privilege with my parents or siblings before since there was no YouTube then 🙂

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