Is my boy stage fright?

I saw Zoe dancing while singing ohhh…ohhh…ohhh (in the tune of lady gaga’s roar). I asked him who taught him and he replied it’s teacher Joy. I remember there was a letter from their school informing parents about the upcoming foundation week. So I figured it might be a presentation for that said event. I went searching for the song on youtube and played it and he was smiling upon hearing the song so I asked him to dance for me. After that, he has been practicing at home almost every night.

And then the big day came. I remember how excited he was, he even reminded me to not go to work because I’ll be going with him to the school to watch him perform. I must say that the little man has infused a great on me excitement as well.

Excited as we are, we went to the school on the big day. I can still remember his smiles wearing his blue shirt & white short uniform with high knee socks and poms poms. But…but…but the moment we arrived at the school his mood changes. He started frowning and clinging to me. He refused to join his classmates as they cue for their presentation. I tried convincing him, but he resisted so I bribed him with his favorite toy (he is a big fan of thomas & friend).Thankfully he did, but with a fuss.

I thought it’s going to be fun and he’s going make the moves, but when the music was played, he was just standing still while looking at me as I cover the dance number. A few minutes later, while his classmates are moving in time to the music, he dropped his poms poms. I stepped back from the audience hoping he will eventually dance, but he bawls in tears.

 photo 1F176360-AEBB-43E0-A381-4AB58C0E6BA1_zpsvgvvr4jo.jpg

This is not the first time that he misbehaves in big events. And as a parent, I get a little bit upset about his behavior. Of course every parent would want to see their children full of confidence.  I have been wondering what could be the root cause of this behavior. Perhaps, he is having a hard time coping with the pressure of performing in a big crowd. I don’t know, but I still have to figure out why he is acting like that during big events.

I guess it’s too early to say that my child has stage fright, as much as possible I don’t want to infuse my mind of that thought but really, why do some children has stage fright? How do you handle it?

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