Officially Homeschooling

In preparation for our “big move” we are pulling out our eldest Zoe from a local Chinese school so we could start homeschooling. Yes we are officially homeschooling our preschooler. This is a great challenge for our family especially me, being the newly appointed teacher and my husband being the principal. LoL…

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In a country where conventional schools are mainstream, it is not surprising that most parents wonders about homeschooling whenever they heard it. Well, my eyes rolled the first time I heard it in our church. The church that my family is attending is the founder of one of the homeschool institution in the Philippines. It is through their advocacy, that I had a glimpse of what homeschool is, and also I feed my curiosity by further research.

Okay, allow me to give you a brief information about homeschooling. In the Philippines, homeschooling is supported and recognize by the Department of Education. Article IV of the Philippine Constitution states that the quality of education should be made accessible to all Filipinos, including self-learning, independent and out-of-school study programs.The Department of Education defines homeschooling as a home-based education which relies on the active participation of the parent as teacher to his child. A one on one tutorial type of teaching. The parent is at the center of the educative process of the child from which the home educated child acquires the necessary skills to develop his full potential to become a self-propelling, fulfilled and contributing member of the community.

Over the recent years, homeschooling in the Philippines has proliferated. When I attended the TMA Homeschool Intro, parents were asked why they are considering homeschooling their children. Most parents leaning towards values formation as the main reason for homeschooling. I share the same thought, and I believe that as a parent, we should be the number one responsible in building our children’s values foundation. I think this is the main reason why homeschooled children are increasing in numbers in the Philippines.

So, who are qualified to homeschool a child? As per DepEd, anyone who is a degree holder can homeschool a child. You can enroll your child in DepEd accredited homeschool. We are currently enrolled in The Master’s Academy. There are other schools like Heritage Academy, Homeschool of Asia Pacific, Victory Christian International School and Catholic Filipino Academy that offers homeschool program.

How about the misconceptions? The most common misconception I heard before we decided homeschooling, is the lack of socialization. I even had marveled on that. Well I still have to find out for myself if this is true. Right now, this is how I see it, homeschooling families get to join a play groups and coops that meets at least once a week. This is where the child gets to meet other homeschooled kids. Plus you can also enroll the kids in different enrichment programs so that doesn’t leave the kid confined in your house.

I know, there are lot’s challenges we will be facing in the next days to come. I still don’t know how to start, but I am in constant research and reading homeschooling blogs is a big help. And above all this preparation, we keep on praying for guidance and wisdom in order for us to became a good parent-teacher to our kids. I look forward to a positive outcome. Help us Lord!

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