Self Service Gift Wrapping at ToysRus

Our little celebrant was hoping to receive a color changing car from hot wheels on his 5th birthday. So last night, before the long weekend kicks off we bought one at toysRus. Since we knew exactly what we want to buy, it didn’t take us a long time at the store. We immediately head to the payment counters upon getting hold of the item. And since it’s our present for our son, we wanted it wrapped, so I told the cashier to have it wrapped for us. But I was surprised when she pointed me, to the self service gift wrapping counter.
Okay, that was cool.

My first time actually to encounter a self service gift wrapping at the mall. It’s definitely cost efficient for the store, and for the customer, we get to practice our gift wrapping skills. They have different size of pre-made gift bags and a few designs of gift tags.  Hubby initiated to wrap the gift. Here he is thinking, how he would wrap the item creatively.

 photo IMG_51431_zpsazktgaxx.jpg

This is one is at the Sahara Mall in Sharjah, I am not sure if all ToysRus branches in UAE are doing this self service gift wrapping.

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