Beyond Gifts

Ask my boys what is Christmas to them, and you will get an exaggerated answer, g-i-f-t-s!
They get euphoric with the overflowing love they receive from family and friends this festive season, which I’m also happy about.

It’s agreeably good to see our kids delighted in this merry season. Who wouldn’t, when you see your children ecstatic to go home with a surprise in tow after attending a Christmas party? It justifies, why they see this time of the year as the seasons of gifts. ?

With all this bliss, I just feel the need to instill in their fragile heart the true reason of this season. And how timely it was, that this week’s topic on my son’s Bible subject, is all about God’s Love Gift – Jesus. Truly, it was a good opportunity to teach the little minds, why we celebrate this season and why they’re receiving heaps of gifts. We use to say that Christmas is a season of giving. Yes, it is, and it all began, when God, gave His son, as a precious gift, to save the humanity. Jesus is the reason of this season, without Him we won’t be celebrating Christmas at all. We are sharing our blessings, because of the overflowing love, we have first received from our Father. This might be a difficult thing to grasp for the little minds, but I hope, somehow I’ve sowed a seed about this truth. John 15:13 tells us,
There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

To cap off the lesson, I ask them to paint their version of the nativity scene.

 photo 293B2174-0BAC-412A-A0A4-5BA2B78B5644_zpslg5qhkub.jpg  photo E7899FF9-CA23-461D-BF65-1241C2F22C6F_zps8ue21oa5.jpg

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