Water Sports In The Desert

If there is one thing I miss right now in the UAE, it’s being surrounded by water. As a Filipino expat, but with the Philippines still very much in my heart, I’m sure that you may know from your geography class at school, or from world history, that the Philippines Island, are just that 7,107 islands surrounded by plenty of water. The Pacific Ocean to be exact.

As the UAE is actually an Arabian peninsula located primarily along the Persian Gulf, we do have water sports. But of course, not like what we have in the Philippines. Although UAE may be known as mostly desert land by other people from other nations, the country do have their share of exciting water sports.

Water Sports In The UAE

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Some of the water sports include jet ski and fly-board riding in Dubai, recreational sailing, jet packing experiences, jet-o-vator rides, hyrdro water sports, deep blue sea diving, sea-gliding and many more water sport activities.

Well, we may not be exactly water people in UAE, not like the Australians perhaps, but their is enough ocean water off the shoreline to merit seeing an amazing collection of yachts.

Little yachts, big yachts and yachts of every size in between. These gulf waters are more than big enough for even the super, giant-size fancy yachts that come here to enjoy the year-long hot weather. They even have Back Cove yachts for sale here in Dubai. They are considered some of the most popular boats in the world.

A Little History Of Back Cove Yachts

Starting back in the year of 1607, when the state of Maine in the United States was not a state yet, ship building traditions began on the shores of the Kennebec River. Over time, the reputation of Maine’s finest quality design and functionality grew as the look of the Maine lobster boat and its dependable fuel efficiency of its single diesel engine made the boats even more famous.

Not only in the UAE will you find these beautiful cabin yachts, but in Greece, Norway, Japan, Australia and New Zealand too! Just about every place that there’s a body of water, or inland waterway, you can find these boat wonders of engineering. Today, still being built in Rockland, Maine, in a modern 240,000 square foot production center, their trouble-free performance remains well-known–even in the UAE.

If you ever get wanderlust for the sea,then check out the new Back Cove dealership in Dubai where you can either buy, or rent, one of these splendid pieces of sea-worthy boats.

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