It’s A Homeschool Portfolio

Nearly 3 weeks left and my children will have their portfolio review for the 3rd quarter. Our homeschooled kids are required to submit and present their portfolio quarterly. Are you wondering what portfolio I’m talking about? Well, in homeschooling, a portfolio is basically a collection of the student’s work or projects,  showcasing what they have learned through out the school year. It is one of the tools in evaluating homeschool student’s growth at the same time a proof that your child is really schooling. I have to emphasize this, coz I remember being asked by a friend for a proof that my children are doing school at home.

Perhaps the reason that you’re reading this post is you’re searching for ideas on how to create your child’s portfolio. I remember creating our first portfolio 2 years ago, I did a lot of research for me to finally come up with one. And I really have to commend those homeschool-mom blogs who shares their knowledge on this thing. There are a lot of them actually. That’s where the thought of writing this post popped up. So allow me to share some suggestions on what to include in your children’s portfolio.

  • Cover page, include student’s name, age, grade level and picture.
  • Table of contents or list of lessons covered.
  • Intro page, it’s just a short information about the student.
  • Student’s work like crafts, drawing, essay, book review, worksheets
  • Field trips
  • Life skills learned
  • Quizes

How do you compile it? We usually use clear book to compile my children’s work. Some homeschoolers especially higher levels make digital portfolio, this is economical as you get to save papers and ink because you don’t have to print them anymore. I also know a homeschooling mom who made a video compilation of her child’s portfolio.

Here is sample of my eldest son’s portfolio. He  is currently in Grade 1.


And here is a sample of Kinder 1 portfolio by my youngest son image
image image

Those are some entries for their second quarter portfolio. My kids are both in the early years, so most of the time, we assist them. We normally provide the materials for their project, and let them do the assigned task. I That’s how we do it for now. But there are many ways to create portfolio, as your child grow, they’ll surely come up with a different style of portfolio.

How do you create your portfolio?

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