Homeschool |Second Year Completion

My boys are usually excited for their quarterly portfolio review. But last week’s review was extraordinary for them and of course for me and my husband as well. Why? Because they’re moving up to another level. They beamed as they both realized they’ll  be Grade 2 and Kinder 2 the next school year, while I and my husband are jumping for joy as we accomplished our second year of homeschooling.

Homeschooling is a challenging task. And this year, was even more challenging for us because it was this year that we started to homeschool our youngest son. We started the school year not knowing if homeschooling two kids will work for our family, while my husband and I works full time. Also, being in UAE, where homeschooling is not a platform yet, escalated the challenge. The greater the challenge, the more glory it is when you overcome it. It is indeed a glorious moment for us seeing the kids thrive in the homeschool setup. We maybe too far to the finish line, but running the race for  years for 2 years now, feels like going home with the crown. Thank you God!

18402926_10154404627812026_736801845856113727_nCongratulations Boys! I’m excited to learn along side with you on the coming homeschool year.

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