Easy Fraction Craft for Toddlers

Just before our homeschool year ends, I was able to teach my preschooler about fraction. Something that I dread off teaching because I was bad at fraction back in grade school. But  and I am so grateful with the free online resources available these days, it makes teaching math fun & easy.

I got this free pizza fraction craft from Jennifer Bates. The craft is intended to reinforce the fraction vocabulary of fourths and quarter. It’s a five pages PDF file, perfect for your toddler’s Math portfolio.

IMG_4365_zpsjingidhaThe little one, enjoyed this fun & hands on activity, and I think he got the concept of fraction.
I have compiled links below to free fraction activities that might help you and your toddler learn fraction.

Pizza Fraction by Jeniffer Bates
Flower Fraction by RaraDT
Apple Fraction by teachwithme.com 

DIY Montessori Fraction Material from http://livingmontessorinow.com

Books about Fraction from http://www.kcedventures.com

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