A Day Camp for Children

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Local children in the Tacoma, Washington, area that are between the age of 3 and 19 can attend a children’s day camp Washington that is offered by the nonprofit The Rain Foundation, which is sponsored by the Courageous Women Ministries.

The next Day Camp will be August 12, 2017. Two for 2017 have already been held in May and July, and they are regularly offered several times a year between May and September. The main mission is to connect able-bodied and disabled children with horses and further their lives with a little encouragement. The camp is wheelchair accessible, so disabled children are encouraged to attend and enjoy interacting with animals, doing arts and crafts, taking part in a wide range of activities, and having fun.

Each day camp runs from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Five different stations teach about farm animals, and children have lunch on the patio with animals around them. There is also a DJ that plays the children’s favorite music.

The day camps are free except for the cost for four preregistered horsemanship classes, if desired. Those are $20 per child for each class, and siblings are $15 a class for up to three children. The “free” is paid for by generous donations that are encouraged from the community and elsewhere to enable a camp attendance that would cost about $450 each.

Courageous Women Ministries

This is a Christian ministry with the mission to encourage women to support one another while keeping God in their daily lives. It is headed by Vickie Hoefer, who speaks at Seattle, Washington, area women’s organizations and special tea parties offering words of encouragement and hosting support groups for women to connect with and help each other through chronic illnesses and life’s rough patches such as having to be in shelters or abusive relationships. These type of events provide a way for women to learn from others in similar situations and find answers to problems.

Would You Like to Make a Donation?

Whether you would like to help a child go to Day Camp or pay for horse food and supplies for the camp, or would like to support Courageous Women Ministries, or both, your donation can be made online, in person, or through the mail. If you work where there is a Matching Gifts Program, your employer will match your donation.

If you want your donation to be of time and you live in the Tacoma, Washington, area, learn about becoming a camp counselor, which is a great opportunity to perform a wonderful community service.

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