3 Potential Kitchen Repairs Homeowners Might Not Expect

photo from istockphoto.com
photo from istockphoto.com

Owning a home is one of the most exciting, life changing experiences that a couple will enjoy together. It is a huge step up from renting, and most homeowners can do as they please in their own homes. However, with the freedom of home ownership comes the responsibility of repairs. There are no longer landlords who foot the bill and responsibility for repairs. Some of the following kitchen repairs can truly catch homeowners off guard.

One of the biggest repairs associated with ovens is a bad element. When the primary heating element in an oven blows, the oven will no longer bake food. Since this is the most widely used appliance in most family homes, it can be a very serious repair that needs to be completed quickly. Some ovens can be fairly easy to repair, but many people prefer to seek the help of a professional. For glass top ranges, the glass can break under heavy stress; such as when a cast iron pot hits it too hard. This is a more costly and time intensive repair.

Refrigerators can run into a few different problems throughout their lives. The most common symptom is a failure to cool properly. One day, the family might wake up and notice that the food in the refrigerator is either barely cool or warm. Sub zero repair might be necessary if the family is sure that the electricity was not off during the night, pointing to a hardware problem within the appliance itself. If the electricity was off, it may take a few hours to cool the items in the refrigerator again; however, this does not mean that the food is still safe to eat.

Dishwashers tend to be very reliable, being one of the last appliances to give homeowners an issue when they are cared for properly. Neglect will change this, though. Dishwashers must be kept clean, which generally is not an issue when dishes are rinsed before being washed. Food should never enter the dishwasher, as it may stop it up and cause issues as time goes on. For homes with hard water, or well water, minerals such as calcium and lime will build up in the dishwasher. These mineral will clog the sprayers and drain over time.

While the above repairs are nowhere near as serious as replacing a failing HVAC unit or replacing a badly leaking roof, they can still be quite an inconvenience. It is always a great idea to have a separate savings account just for these types of repairs.

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