Homeschool Year 3 | 5 Things I Learned

In a week’s time, we will be starting a new homeschool year. But wait, before I get tied-up with homeschool work again, let me share some learnings from our recently concluded homeschool year. It was not a breeze for us, and it’s not going to be. For the last three years of homeschooling, it’s always filled with challenges & drama. But despite the challenges, I know that I would never regret the time spent in homeschooling our children. It’s always worth my time & effort.

It has been said that we must learn to walk before we can run, and so as our family walks on this journey, we’ve slipped up and pick up learnings. And that’s what I’d like to share on this post. So let’s start.

Have your curriculum mapped quarterly – we normally use a prepared curriculum, so I just divide the lesson into 4 quarters and from that I will start preparing a weekly lesson plan. This help me track our lesson. It prompts me whether to fast track or slow down on a certain subject so we will be able to finish according to our schedule.

Start & teach prepared – don’t ever go to the battle unprepared. Although I knew that it’s a must, but I admit that there are times that I teach my children unprepared, especially when I know that we are behind our lessons. Teaching on the spot usually makes me uncertain of what I’m teaching. We usually end up researching & discovering things together, which consume more time compared when you prepare ahead of time.

Teach with your heart right – I may have those unprepared moments, but thankfully I’m able to prepare lesson ahead of time. However, even though I’m prepared, sometimes things just go unplanned, and it irritates me. More so when the kids employs some delaying tactics. When that happens, it affects my emotion and it reflects in the way I teach. I regretted it, when my eldest son confessed that he was hurt when I raised my tone while teaching. So when your heart is not in a good shape, try to pause, and ask the Lord to mend it, otherwise it will manifest in the way you handle your kids and you’ll end up hurting them emotionally.

Don’t compare with other homeschoolers – being a homeschooler, we are usually surrounded with homeschooling friends. It’s good to have them around because you get to share & learn from each other. However, don’t compare your homeschool with others because we all have unique children. What they are doing in their homeschool might not work with yours, simply because our children have different interests and inclination. I have to admit that at some point, I’ve done this, especially during those times that I am not sure of what I am doing. What happened was, I became more pressure & unfocused, it became an added stress. So when other kids are into coding or robotics while your child seems to have no interest on it, don’t be bothered, you just need to discover his interest and unleash it.

Stay away from distraction – or should I say, stay away from your phone! opps…sorry, that was actually for me. I must admit that it was my phone that keeps me distracted. But I don’t have to stress out the time I’ve wasted on social media, it has slipped away, and all I can say is “sayang” I should have done research about the lesson, or I should’ve checked the self tests. We should make use of our time wisely, especially if you are a working homeschool mom like me.

It’s humbling to know that while I homeschool my children, I get homeschooled as well. In homeschooling, I get to know more about myself, I discovered my strength and weaknesses, and learnt from my flaws. Praise God for sustaining our homeschool year. Proverbs 2:6 For the Lord gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding. 

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